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Free Set-up of Electricity Control

1. Set-up (No Upfront Fee)

There is no upfront fee for setting-up our prepaid electricity system in your home

Easy Top Up Electricity Options

2. Top Up (Multiple Options)

Purchase pay as you go electricity credit online, in your local shop or by phone

Save on Your Electricity

3. Save on Electricity You Use

Monitor and control how much electricity you are consuming by using our keypad

What do our customers say?

These testimonials represent each customer’s own experience regarding PrePayPower and may be not representative of all PrePayPower customers.

* The 'Cheapest Standard Unit Rate' comparison was made against all Irish domestic electricity providers' standard unit rates on 01/03/2015. Pricing is subject to change.

** Prices quoted relate to standard 24h meters. A 7% reduction also applies to the equivalent day / night metered rates.

*** Analysis of over 2,500 PrePayPower customers found an average electricity consumption saving of 6.6% over a two year period. For more details see www.prepaypower.ie/save