We provide a pay as you go electricity service. We install an electricity meter in your home and you top it up as you need to, just like a mobile phone. You won’t receive an electricity bill, and you can see exactly how much electricity and credit you are using at any time. We see prepaid electricity meters as a smart, proactive option that allows you to take control of your electricity costs.

Sign up to PrePayPower now and enjoy having total control over your electricity costs!

PrePayPower is the perfect option for people who want to use electricity the smart way. When you switch to PrePayPower you’ll receive all the following benefits:

  • You’ll be in total control of your electricity costs

  • No electricity bills, so you stay out of debt

  • No deposit or set up fees

  • Fast and free installation at a time that suits you

  • Easy, hassle-free top up

  • We’ll never cut you off at night time or weekends

  • You’ll receive €5 free credit when you first join

  • There is a €5 IOU when you run out of credit

  • No permanent disconnection or reconnection fees

Find out about how easy it is to switch to PrePayPower or call us on 1890 987 839 to discuss all of your options today.

Switching is Subject to a 12 month contract, for a full list of our prices click HERE