How does 'Pay As You Go' electricity work?

Step 1

Free Set-up

Free Set-up of Electricity Control

When you switch, one of our RECI/ECSSA qualified electricians will set-up your new Smart Control System in your home.

Step 2

Easy Top-up

Easy Top Up Electricity Options

We'll give you €5 free credit to start you off. You can then easily top-up online, in store or over the phone whenever you need credit.

Step 3

Monitor & Save

Save on Your Electricity

With the touch of a button you can track and save* on the electricity you use. The Smart PrePay System even shows you when appliances are left on around your home.

Check out our Topping Up and Smart Control System sections!

* We took a look at some of our first ever PrePayPower customers, 2,615 of you to be exact, and on average you saved 6.6% on your electricity consumption over a 2 year period!

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