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PrePayGas - FAQs

1. If I smell gas, what do I do?

If you smell gas call the Gas Networks Ireland 24 hour emergency line immediately on 1850 205050.  If you are unable to get through to this number then please call 112 or 999.

  • Don’t smoke or use naked flame
  • Don’t unplug or switch anything electrical on or off
  • Never assume somebody else has reported the smell
  • Ensure gas appliances are turned off and have not been left on and unlit
  • If the smell persists, close the gas valve at the meter (if safe to do so).
  • Open windows and doors

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2. Gas supply not working in my property

Firstly ensure that there are no planned outages in your area.

Confirm the display message on your meter:

  • "CALL HELP" - There may be a problem with your meter.  Please call Gas Networks Ireland Support: 1850 200 694
  • "CARD FAIL" – Wipe Card & try inserting it again
  • "CARD NOT ACCEPTED" – Incorrect Card in use

If you have credit and your gas meter says "ON", but you are still not getting supply, check your Gas appliances – they may need to be serviced. Contact Gas Networks Ireland – Support 1850 200 694


  • If the meter has disconnected due to insufficient credit, you will need to purchase additional credit to re-establish supply. 

Follow the steps below:

  1. The meter will ask you to check that your appliances are switched off.  This is a safety requirement.  Check ALL appliances are turned off. Then press and hold the A button to open the valve in the meter.
  2. Continue to hold button A until the display changes.
  3. Now release Button A
  4. Follow instructions until screen indicates ON.  You gas is ready to use.                                        

*****If issue persists please contact Gas Networks Ireland  24 hour Emergency on 1850 20 50 50*****

3. What do the numbers on my meter display mean?

These numbers refer to commonly used display screens on the Gas meter:

00 Purchased Credit: How much money you last put into the meter.

01 For Debt: Last amount of money taken to repay Debt.

02 For Emergency Credit Debt: Last amount of money taken to repay Emergency Credit used.

03 For Credit: Last amount paid for gas

17 Daily amount deducted for Standing Charge that is taken at 2 a.m. each day

32 Gas Point Reference Number: Last 6 characters from Gas Point Registration Number (GPRN).

4. Where can I purchase top up credit for my gas meter?
You can purchase credit at your local Payzone outlet. Click here to find your local Payzone outlet.
5. I’m having issues with my card when trying to top up.
  1. If your meter shows 'CARD NOT ACCEPTED' when the card is inserted, please make sure you are using the most recent purchased card for your meter.
  2. If your meter displays 'CARD FAIL' when the card is inserted, check that the surface of your card is clean. Re-insert the card, making sure that the gold coloured chip is facing towards the meter display. If you are using a replacement/new card, any previous cards will not work in the meter.
  3. Press the red button A. If it shows 0.00, you will need to return to the shop where you purchased the credit as the card has not been credited correctly.

If the above steps do not work, please purchase a replacement card at your local Payzone outlet.

6. How do I order a replacement card?

Replacement cards can only be purchased at Payzone outlets.

Click here to find your local Payzone outlet. Once you have purchased a new card you must insert it into the meter before purchasing any credit.  Please note that the meter will only accept credit from the card last inserted into the meter.

7. How do I activate my emergency credit?

Once the credit on the meter drops to a low level you will be offered €5 Emergency Credit. This can be borrowed until you can buy some more credit.

If you wish to use your Emergency Credit, insert the Gas Card into the meter. When the Emergency Credit is offered, customer can accept it by pressing the red Button A.

If you use any of the Emergency Credit, you must pay it all back before you can borrow the whole amount again. If you wish to see how much Emergency Credit you have used and owe, remove the Gas Card and press and release red button A. We advise customers to keep their meter topped up with credit to avoid the possibility of running out of gas at an inconvenient time.

8. I receive Natural Gas Allowance, can I avail of this with PrePayPower?
If you receive the Natural Gas Allowance from the Department of Social Protection, please make PrePayPower aware of this.  We will provide the Department (DSP) with this information and they arrange the allowance with the customers directly.