Dual Fuel

May 10, 2021

Electricity & Gas Price Comparison

When it comes to choosing a perfect energy source for a household it all comes down to cost benefit. The main two questions are how efficient the energy source is you’re using and on a lower level, how much does it cost.

Trying to manage your energy usage without impacting your modern lifestyle can be a hard task, and it gets even harder with the ever-increasing number of appliances an average household uses in everyday life.

Moreover, energy was (and partially still is) traditionally viewed as a fixed cost, a utility bill you pay every month, and other than complaining about it sometimes (which is something we all do occasionally), there’s nothing else you can do. This is the way most people still view the energy expense, as most consumers in Ireland never switch their energy providers.

Switching your electricity provider, however can benefit your energy costs, especially with the use of our PrepayPower app. Our app helps you monitor your energy consumption at any time and shows you the top energy spenders in a household, so you can adjust your spending.

The question is which energy source to use.

Electricity or Gas?

Choosing between electricity and gas as an energy source is a difficult task, especially without having all the “blanks” filled in. Obviously, there’s more to this choice than the actual price. One of the most important factors is the safety and simplicity of electricity compared to gas.

The question is obviously not whether to choose electricity or gas, since electricity is essential for every modern household, but whether to power your household with only electricity or to combine electricity and gas.

With us you can choose between electricity or dual fuel, which is basically electricity and gas in one package. Both packages allow you to use our smart app, so you can monitor your usage and top up from anywhere at any time, don’t worry, you can still top up with your customer card in any Payzone outlet nationwide.

Electricity prices Ireland

The average price of electricity (annual) obviously varies with the amount of energy you use. In general, the annual electric bill in Ireland would vary from as low as €800 per year to €1500 for high energy spenders. The average price with the standard electricity rates in Ireland would be €1005 for 4200kWh, which is an what average Irish household energy consumption would use. This being said, it’s important to note that  the electricity cost in Ireland is slightly higher than in the rest of the Eurozone.

Electricity is the modern-day approach to energy as most appliances today do not rely on gas to function.

Gas Prices Ireland

Gas by itself is cheaper and has an annual cost of just around €800 as a minimum. The average annual consumption of gas is higher than the amount of electricity we use, at 1100 kwh. This is the amount of gas an average three-bedroom house will likely use up in a year.

Combining gas and electricity can therefore save you money on your energy bill.

Which one you choose in the end is really your personal preference. Electricity has less safety risks, while gas gives you a wider range of options.

How to switch

Whether you choose electricity or gas, switching to pay as you go from PrepayPower is an easy process and will save you money and ultimately time in dealing with your energy bills. You can first sign up online or via phone call and we’ll arrange the switch. After that a registered installer will come at your convenience, and during the installation explain how to use the keypad. There’s also bonus welcome credit* in it for you, just to start you off.

Switching your provider is the best way to save costs and understanding that we don’t make a hassle out of it. So, start with a clean slate, monitor your energy consumption and be more in-the-know on-the-go which will ultimately save you money whether it’s on electricity or gas.

*see T&C's for more details