How to look up Top Up Powercodes:

Bought a Top up Powercode but misplaced the code? No problem! Here are a few simple ways to find it.

Through the app

Step 1: Log into app and go to History section to see last 20 Top Ups.

History Icon V2

Step 2: Click on Date/Amount to see Powercode

Power code history app screen


You can also lookup previous Powercodes online here



Previously Entered a Powercode?

Need to see if you've used a Powercode already? Find out how below. 

Classic Pay Customer?  Press "4" on your Keypad to see last 5 Powercodes entered.

Smart Pay Customer? Powercodes are automatically added to your meter but you can still check previously added codes in the history tab in you app

Keypad 4 highlighted


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