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Our Straightforward Pricing

At PrepayPower, we make the cost of our services as clear and transparent as possible for our customers. Below is breakdown of our pricing

Our Standing Charge is similar to other suppliers

Our Prepayment Service Charge is 45.04 cent per day to help us avoid charging upfront set-up fees and to maintain our service

The Government PSO levy is currently €0.00.

Our Pricing Has Four Parts

1. Standard Unit Rate
Standard unit rates are the price you pay for the electricity you consume. Units are calculated in kilowatts per hour or kwh. The amount of the standard unit rate depends on the type of rate that is applicable to you.


2. Standing Charge

Our Standing Charge covers the costs of getting electricity to your home including the wiring network and a share of the supply costs in servicing your account. They are charged by all suppliers and they vary by supplier. Maintaining up to date meter readings helps us reduce such costs. The Standing Charge will vary depending on whether you have a 24hr/NightSaver meter or if you have a Rural or Urban tariff.


3. Government Public Service Obligation Levy
The Public Service Obligation (PSO) levy is a mandatory charge that is the same amount regardless of the electricity provider you choose. It covers the generation of indigenous fuels (e.g. Peat) and renewable energy. It is mandated by Government and approved by the European Commission. The levy is used to contribute to the additional costs incurred by the ESB and other electricity generators which are not recovered by the standing charges.


4. Prepayment Service Charge

There is also a daily prepayment service charge covers the costs of maintenance of the Pay As You Go service. This includes the ongoing supply and maintenance of the PrepayPower system.

General Electricity Offer – 12 month contract

*Welcome credit is available to new customers only and is subject to a minimum initial 12-month commitment. A termination fee is payable if the contract is terminated by you during the initial period, Welcome credits signify a rebate offered by the company to you the customer. They are offered at the sole discretion of the company. If you avail of the rebate you are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions and any rebate availed of by you may be withdrawn by the company if you terminate your agreement within the Initial Period from the date of commencement. Price is subject to change. For the Full list of T&C’s including, Schedule of charges, Fuel Mix Disclosure see Unit rate, Standing and Prepayment service charges apply. See for full details of our pricing. Estimated Annual Bill is €1,918.71 inc. VAT. All information correct as of 01/04/24.