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The PrepayPower Customer Support Team are always just a phone call away. So, don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about your home energy.

You can freephone our dedicated Customer Contact Centre on 1800 929 022. 

Our lines are open:

  • Monday to Friday (8am-9pm)

  • Saturday (9am-7pm)

  • Sunday (10am-6pm)

When it comes to your home energy, control matters more than ever.

Your Pay-As-You-Go meter puts you in charge of your electricity and gas costs. Because you pay in advance and always know what you’re spending.

Plus, you can top up (from €5-€175) anytime via your app, online or at the nearest Payzone.

You’ve also got plenty of Friendly Credit hours and the option to activate Emergency Credit.

And remember:

  • PrepayPower gives you freedom from shocking bills and unwelcome surprises.

  • PrepayPower gives you the power to decide when and how much you pay.

  • PrepayPower gives you complete visibility of your usage and costs.

  • PrepayPower gives you the support you need whenever you need it.

So feel free to call us on 1800 929 022.

The PrepayPower app is your all-in-one electricity control centre. It’s like a smart meter that fits in your phone.

With the PrepayPower app, it doesn’t matter if you’re on the go or on the couch, you can always:

  • Make quick and easy top-ups (instant or automatic).

  • Check your balance and the number of days until your next top-up.

  • Track your usage and spending in hours, days or even weeks.

  • See if your consumption and costs are trending higher or lower than average.

  • Chat with our team, activate Emergency Credit and restore your power.

PrepayPower App Usage Insights

Some insights and features for the PrepayPower app are only available to SmartPay+ customers.

For example, their account balance updates every hour. So they can track their electricity costs in real-time. 

Then there’s the Savings feature. It helps you budget for your energy by setting something aside for top-ups. 

The Savings feature gives not one but two ways to save: 

  1. Once-Off: Add to your savings in seconds anytime, anywhere.

  2.  Automatic Routine: Pick a day and amount to save each week and let your app do the rest.

Did you know? New PrepayPower customers reduce their energy usage by an average of 8.3%* one year after switching.

So don’t forget to keep track of your consumption and cost insights from your PrepayPower app or meter.

This will help you control your daily electricity usage and avoid unnecessary spending. 

For example, checking your personalised insights makes it easier to: 

  1. Identify when your consumption is highest and lowest. 

  2. Adjust your usage based on real-time data. 

  3. Pinpoint the appliances that consume the most power – and money. 

  4. Expose vampire energy (used by always-on devices). 

  5. Cut out waste such as lighting and heating unoccupied rooms. 

With PrepayPower, you don’t have to be an energy expert to reduce your usage and start saving 

Just follow these tips and guides we put together for you:

All our electricity customers can book a free one-on-one usage review with a PrepayPower energy coach. They’ll provide you with helpful energy-saving tips and advice based on consumption data from your electricity meter. 

Please freephone 1800 911 977 to schedule your review

We work closely with MABS who provide additional information on how best to budget. They will also help guide you to where you might find additional support. You can contact MABs on 0818 07 2000 (Monday-Friday| 9am to 8pm). SVP also has hardship funds available to distribute essentials such as energy. Please contact SVP here. 

PrepayPower has partnered with the Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS) to create a Hardship Fund for customers experiencing financial difficulties. MABS will also provide free guidance and support to customers who need help with their finances.

Please contact MABS here if you wish to avail of the Hardship Fund and/or speak to one of their advisors.

PrepayPower has waived early contract termination fees for electricity and gas customers struggling to pay for their energy until March 31st, 2023. Please contact our customer support team if you are having financial difficulties with your energy on our dedicated line at 1800 929 022.  

We can activate a debt recoup payment plan in the rare event your PrepayPower electricity or gas meter goes into arrears. This allows you to repay any outstanding debt in smaller, more manageable instalments from future top-ups.

How it Works

We’ll notify you if debt accrues on your account and create a recoup plan based on your ability to repay it. Then a set percentage (10% max.) will be deducted each time you top up until the debt is repaid. You can also choose a higher percentage or repay the debt in full.

Your payment options include online, in the shop (any Payzone outlet) or via your PrepayPower app. Please call our dedicated customer support line on 1800 929 022 for more information.

You’ve protected yourself from disconnection by joining Prepay Power. We only request disconnections in rare cases of vacancy or confirmed fraud when a customer refuses to engage.

Please find details of the disconnection moratorium for non-payment of an account.  

  • All domestic customers. December 1st, 2023 to January 31st, 2024. 

  • Registered vulnerable customers. October 1st, 2023 to March 31st, 2024.

PrepayPower provides priority and special services registration for customers critically dependent on electrically powered devices for independent living or medical equipment.

Customers can also register due to advanced age (66 or over) or for physical, sensory, intellectual or mental health reasons. Please find more information in our Vulnerable Customer Codes of Practice.

Furthermore, every PrepayPower customer can nominate a third-party representative to manage their account on their behalf.

How to Register

You have three ways to register as a vulnerable customer and/or nominate a third party to manage your account.

  1. You can complete our online form here.

  2. Download the form and email it to

  3. Call 0818 919 487 to request a paper form and a stamped addressed envelope.

*€100 bonus credit is issued to existing customers and €100 to new customers who sign up under the refer a friend offer and complete the form or mention the offer on the sign up call. Bonus credit will be applied to both new and existing customers meters on the day of the new customer’s installation. Credit will be applied to the electricity meter. The referee (customer referred by existing customer) will only receive the credit from the refer a friend offer and can not avail of any other promotional offers. 

Switching to PrepayPower is subject to a minimum initial period of 12 months. A termination fee is payable if the contract is terminated by you during the initial period, bonus credits signify a rebate offered by the company to you the customer. They are offered at the sole discretion of the company. If you avail of the rebate you are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions and any rebate availed of by, you may be withdrawn by the company if you terminate your agreement within the Initial Period from the date of commencement. Price is subject to change. For the Full list of T&C’s, Schedule of charges, Fuel Mix Disclosure see Unit rate, Standing and Prepayment service charges apply. See for full details of our pricing. Estimated Annual Bill is €1,918.71 inc. VAT. All information correct as of 01/04/24.