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Every PrepayPower customer is unique. But all PrepayPower customers receive the same market-low* unit rate for their energy. So, whether you're with us for 60 minutes or 60 months, we promise you'll always get the same competitive unit rate.

Here’s some more good news for your peace of mind: We’re introducing our second consecutive Winter Price Freeze this December! And don’t forget those tried-and-true ways PrepayPower helps you manage your home energy, such as…

  • Total, Bill-Free Control.  Pay-as-you-go gives you freedom from bills and total control over when and how you pay for energy. There are no unwelcome surprises because you always know what you’re spending.

  • Consumption and Cost Insights. With PrepayPower, either through your meter or app, you’ve got instant access to personalised insights that help you cut back and save. Stunning StatOur recent study showed the average customer cut their electricity usage by 8.3% within a year of switching to PrepayPower.†

  • Energy Coaching.  Need help reducing your use? Call 1800 911 977 to speak with a PrepayPower Energy Coach. They’ll give you energy-saving tips based on data from your electricity meter.

  • Dedicated Support TeamNever hesitate to contact our customer support centre if you need help or advice. Our lines are open seven days a week on 1800 929 022.

*As of December 1st, 2022, PrepayPower offers the lowest unit rates of any domestic energy supplier. † A study of 2,202 PrepayPower customers, from 2021- 2022, showed they decreased their consumption by a median of 8.3% one year after switching to PrepayPower.