Here's How Pay As You Go Works

Ready to take control
Ready to Take Control?

Prepaid energy, or pay as you go, is becoming more and more popular because it gives you full control of your energy usage. Instead of waiting on your bill and worrying about how much it’s going to cost, you pay for your energy as you use it.

Your meter and app are your best energy-saving friends because they show you how much energy you’re using every day. When you can see what time of day and what appliances are costing you the most, you have the power to make better choices and save.

You might think twice before re-boiling that kettle several times for the one cup of tea!

How it works
It's Easy as 1, 2, 3…

Hassle free set-up
When you switch, one of our installers will set up your PrepayPower service at a time that suits you, including Saturdays.

Easy top-up
We’ll get you up and running with some welcome credit. After that, you simply top up when you need to through your app, online or in-store in any Payzone outlet. 

Simply track & save
With the touch of a button you can track and control the energy you’re using. Our PrepayPower app even shows you how much your spending every day. You’ll never look back!