How Pay-As-You-Go Energy Works

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Get Ready to Take Control

Did you know?

Over 180,000 Irish households rely on PrepayPower for pay-as-you-go energy.

Our bill-free customers enjoy total control over their everyday usage and costs. And so can you.

Fun fact

The average PrepayPower customer reduces their annual electricity use by almost 9%.

Because, with pay-as-you-go energy, you always know exactly how much you’re using and spending. No bills mean no surprises.

How it works  

 You top up your account, by any amount, and pay for energy when you need it.


 You keep an eye on your day-to-day costs and avoid overspending.


  You track your usage from the PrepayPower app and learn to cut back.


 You get personalised insights and updates to help you reduce your use and save.


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It's Easy as 1, 2, 3…

Hassle free set-up
When you switch, one of our installers will set up your PrepayPower service at a time that suits you, including Saturdays.

Easy top-up
We’ll get you up and running with some welcome credit. After that, you simply top up when you need to through your app, online or in-store in any Payzone outlet. 

Simply track & save
With the touch of a button you can track and control the energy you’re using. Our PrepayPower app even shows you how much your spending every day. You’ll never look back!