Prepay Broadband

With PrepayPower, you can enjoy unlimited high-speed broadband, without any bills or direct debits!

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How Does Prepaid Broadband Work?

Our new Prepay Broadband service is charged daily to your electricity meter, so no unexpected bills or direct debits!

With our high speed fibre optic broadband the whole family will be happy, even the gamers. 

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Why Should I Switch to Prepay Broadband?

You'll have one less bill to worry about each month

It lets you know exactly what you're spending

It gives you unlimited broadband*

No set-up fees

Our dedicated customer support team are on hand to help

Plus, you get our Superfast Wi-Fi modem!

How to Switch Electricity Suppliers?
Get Connected With PrepayPower

Now that you’ve said goodbye to electricity bills, why stop there?

Continue your bill kicking trend & kick your broadband bills to the curb by joining our new Prepay Broadband service.

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Switching to Prepay Broadband Is Easy

Get your eircode or a Broadband bill ready

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Switchers, We’re Ready When You Are!

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*Fair Usage policy applies. The prepay broadband service we offer is for domestic use only and is not suitable for business use. The service cannot be used for engaging in activities, which are unlawful and using illegal equipment. Should this happen PrepayPower may immediately, without notice disconnect your use of the service. See for full details of our pricing. Price is subject to change. For the Full list of T&C’s, see