Top Tips for Saving Money on Electricity

May 10, 2021

Top Tips for Saving Money on Electricity

Change Your Water Usage

While minimising the amount of water you use helps to save on water consumption, it can also help to save money on electricity:

The Power of a Shower

A shower is much more energy efficient than running a bath. A short shower will use less water so you’ll use less energy to heat water in the tank.

Investing in an energy efficient shower head limits the amount of water running through while still giving an optimum shower experience.

Do Laundry Right

Washing clothes at 30°C and using cold water for rinse cycles reduces the amount of water that needs warming up every day. It’s also common knowledge to use short laundry cycles and only wash full loads.

As well as shrinking clothes, tumble dryers waste a lot of electricity and clothes are better off being dried naturally.

Hot Water Usage

Take note of the following to save money on hot water usage:

  • Keep your water tank well insulated so water won’t cool down quickly.

  • Use a timer to switch on/off the immersion. This is one of the most expensive things in the house and people easily forget to switch it off after showering.

  • Turning your hot water temperature down by just 5°C will make a big difference to your energy consumption.

Review Your Lighting Setup

Thanks to the latest advancements in technology you can save electricity—and of course money— if you upgrade your home with some high-tech features:

  • Exchange light bulbs with energy efficient ones.

  • Use LED or CFL lights depending on the lighting you want.

This change alone will draw up to 90% less energy. Push this saving even further by switching off lights whenever you exit a room.

Motion sensors can also be installed so that the lights turn on automatically when they sense you walking into the room and turn off behind you.

Re-adjust Your Kitchen Habits

Small changes to your kitchen appliances can also help you save big time:

  • Did you know that boiling a full kettle can waste almost €20 a year? You should only be boiling the water you need instead of a full kettle.

  • Keep your fridge and freezer doors closed.

  • Grilling is faster than oven cooking and uses less energy overall.

  • Turn off appliances rather than keeping them on stand-by mode.

  • Cover pans when cooking to reduce cooking time.

How to Save with PrepayPower

Our control system is really smart and efficient. By bringing you complete transparency to your electricity usage and cost, it allows you to be in total control so you can save on the electricity you use.

Our Smart Prepaid System displays your credit balance in real-time. You can monitor and control your usage at the touch of a button. Our prepay electricity meters allow you see how much energy you’ve used in the last day, week or month, but it also shows you which appliances are costing you the most money in electricity.

Button 2 on our smart meters allow you to see the amount of energy you have used in a given day, while button 6 lets you check how much energy a specific appliance is using.

A study carried out in 2015 into over 15,400 customers showed an annual energy consumption reduction of 9% after making the switch to PrepayPower. Of these, over 26% reduced their annual consumption by 20%.

So why wait around to reduce your energy consumption when you can begin today?