How do I connect to my Wi-Fi?

  • Connect to the Wi-Fi network named "FRITZ!Box 7430 XX".

  • Your password is the 20-digit 'WLAN Network Key' on the sticker on the underside of your modem.

Why isn't my modem turning on?

  • Make sure that your electricity meter is in a positive balance.

  • If it is, check that the power cable is pushed correctly into the back of the modem and that the plug socket is switched on

Fritz Box Router

How do I contact your tech team?

Click on the Live Chat button on this page to be connected to our support team or Contact Us here as well.


PrepayPower Broadband

Broadband Not Working and you have a Power Light but NO WLAN light on your modem:

Press the WLAN button on your modem firmly and quickly so that you hear a click and then let it go. After 1-2 minutes the light should stay on and your Broadband will be restored.

Broadband not working and you have a Power light AND a WLAN light on your modem:

Turn off your modem for 20 minutes and then turn it back on. This will enable the connection to refresh and your Broadband to come back online.

Fritz Box Router


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