Friendly Credit: Classic Pay 

Running out of credit doesn’t automatically mean running out of power.

We know that life can sometimes get in the way, so during the following times you won't lose power, even if you run out of credit.

Monday - Friday (5pm to 10am)

Run out of Top Up Credit after 5pm? Top Up before 10am the next day to ensure you won't lose power. 


Saturday & Sunday (All Day)

You'll never lose power on weekendsTop Up before 10am Monday to ensure you won't lose power. 


Specific Holidays (All Day)

December: 25th, 26th, January: 1st. March: 17th.  Please note that other Bank/Public holidays, other than the ones lists here, are not Friendly Credit days.


What happens when Friendly Credit ends?

If your balance goes below €0.00 you will need to Top Up  before the end of Friendly Credit  to avoid losing power. 


How is Friendly Credit paid back?

Any Friendly Credit advanced during Friendly Credit hours will be paid back from future Top Ups. So keep topping up, even during Friendly Credit times.


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