Support for Faulty Appliances?

Unfortunately, PrepayPower does not currently provide any support for faulty gas appliances. We recommend that you follow the steps outlined in the FAQs below to find support from either a Registered Gas Installer (RGI) or from the shop you purchased the appliance from.

Have a Faulty Gas Appliance?

You should report defective or unsafe gas appliances to the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) at including the make, model, manufacturer, when and where the product was purchased and include 'Unsafe Gas Appliance' in the email subject line. You should also report the defective or unsafe gas appliance to the distributor/retailer where you purchased the appliance from.



Who are the CCPC?

The CCPC is one of the market surveillance authorities and the competent authority in Ireland for safety of domestic gas appliances (the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) has remit for non-domestic gas appliances).


What Are The Retailers Obligations?

Product Safety Legislation requires distributors/retailers of gas appliances to comply with a number of obligations. The distributor must ensure that before making a gas appliance available on the market.

  • The appliance bears the CE Mark.

  • The appliance is accompanied by the required documentation and instructions to allow the appliance to be installed, operated and maintained safely.

  • The Manufacturer has carried out their obligations with regard to ensuring the product complies with the essential safety rules laid down in EU Legislation.

If Retailer Decides There's Risk To Customer?

Then they are required to refrain from making the product available until it has been brought into conformity, that is to withdraw the product from their shelves and, in the case where the products present a risk, the distributor must inform the manufacturer and the Market Surveillance Authority, and they should also recall the product from customers.

When should I replace my gas boiler?

Gas boilers start to lose efficiency after 10 years. If your gas boiler predates 2011, when it became required all replacement boilers have an energy A-rating, you should consider replacing it.

Boilers in use since 2011 or before could now be operating at only 60% capacity. As a result, wasted energy may account for 40% of what you spend on home heating.

Meanwhile, the newer models operate at 90% efficiency. So, the sooner you invest in a modern, best-in-class boiler, the sooner you'll start saving.

Exclusive boiler discount

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