Your Government Electricity Credit Explained

Your €600 government electricity credit will be paid in three €200 instalments in November, January and March

What is the government electricity credit? 

The 2023 Budget included €600 government electricity credit for every residence in Ireland. PrepayPower will issue the first of your three €200 instalments of credit between November 1st and 11th 2022. The second two payments have been scheduled for January and March 2023Back to Top


When will I receive the credit?

You will recieve your first €200 payment of government electricity credit between November 1st and 11th. The second two instalments have been provisionally scheduled for January and March of 2023. We will contact you and update this page once those dates are confirmed. You can also check online here if you're due to get the credit from PrepayPower and when you'll receive it.  Back to Top

Do I need to do anything? 

You don’t need to contact us or register to receive your credit. For customers who have been with us since at least last April, when we issued the first €200 government electricity credit, the process will be the same.  

If you’ve switched to PrepayPower in the meantime or need a reminder, here’s how it works: 

  • Classic Pay We will send two top-up codes (each one for €100) via text message on the assigned dates. Just enter the codes in your meter like any other top-up.  
  • Smart Pay We automatically add the €200 credit to your balance on the scheduled dates. We’ll then contact you to let you know we’ve added your credit (remember to check your app balance).   Back to Top

What type of meter do I have?

You either have a Classic Pay or SmartPay electricity meter. You can find which one is yours here.  

Who is eligible for the credit?

Every PrepayPower residential electricity customer will be paid €600 government electricity credit.    Back to Top

Do I also get gas credit?

No. The government credit is only for residential electricity customers. Back to Top

Do I have to buy a Top Up to get the credit?

No. If you’re a Classic Pay customer, we’ll send you two top-up codes (for €100 each) on the three scheduled payment dates. All you have to do is enter the codes on your meter keypad. 

The three instalments of €200 will be automatically added to your balance if you have a Smart Pay account (check your app). It will appear in your top-up history as ‘Gov Elec Credit’. 

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Quick top-up tip

We recommend you continue topping up (even €10 a week) after receiving your government electricity credit – for two reasons: 

  1. It will help you build a cushion for your extra energy usage in winter. 

  1. You can maintain your top-up routine and check the helpful usage insights in your app or on your meter display.  

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No longer an account holder with PrepayPower?

Have you got a text message/email about the €600 government credit but are no longer an account holder with PrepayPower? Please fill in a quick form you can find online here, so we can remove your details from our records. Back to Top


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