How do I check my PrepayPower app balance?

Find out how the PrepayPower app keeps you in the know about your balance. 

See where you stand in seconds 

Your electricity balance is the first thing you see when you open the PrepayPower app. The home screen also displays a countdown (in days) to your next top-up.

  • SmartPay+ customers get balance updates every hour and the instant you top up. 

  • SmartPay customers receive a balance update every morning and after topping up.

Keep reading to learn about the helpful balance alerts and notifications the app sends to your device.

Balance Screen

Balance alerts and notifications 

SmartPay+ and SmartPay

The PrepayPower app always lets you know when your balance is low.

It doesn't matter if you're out working, walking or walking to work, you'll receive the following updates:

  • Low-balance alerts when your credit reaches €10, €1 and €0.

  • Notifications that Emergency Credit is available if your balance falls between €1 and -€20.

  • Alerts when your balance drops to -€10 and -€20 (if you've activated Emergency Credit).

  • Early-morning warnings if there's a risk of temporary power loss that day.

Reminder: You cannot temporarily lose power during Friendly Credit Hours.

Only SmartPay+

With SmartPay+, you receive exclusive personalised balance updates including: 

  • Alerts when your balance is very low or critically low.

  • Top-up reminders to avoid temporary power loss when Friendly Credit Hours end (between 2 and 3 pm from Monday to Friday).

  • Notifications with recommended top-up times and amounts.

  • Extra low-balance alerts reflecting your Emegency Credit usage.

Low Balance Alert Notification

How to turn on PrepayPower app notifications 

You must turn on the PrepayPower app notifications on your phone to receive automatic balance alerts.


  • Open Settings and press Notifications.

  • Select the PrepayPower app under Notification Style.

  • Toggle the Allow Notifications switch to on.

  • Under Alerts, pick the style you want.

  • To see alerts without unlocking your screen, go to Show Previews and select Always.


  • Go to Settings.

  • Press Notifications and then App Settings.

  • Select the PrepayPower app and turn on notifications.

  • Tap the app’s name to pick the type of notification you want.

  • To see alerts without unlocking your screen, tap Notifications on lock screen.

App Top Up


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