How to Top Up in the app:

Step 1: Click 'Top Up Now'. Don't have the app? Click here to download app.

Balance Screen

Step 2: Select amount

select amount

Step 3: Select your Card

Payment Card Details

Step 4: Enter Security Code

App Top Up

Step 5: Wait for payment to process

App Top Up

Step 6: Get Top Up Confirmation

top up confirmation

Auto Top Ups

Never forget to Top Up again! Set a balance you don't want to drop below and your credit will Top Up automatically by an amount you set!

Step 1: On your Home Screen, click on 'Enable Auto Top Up'


Balance Screen

Step 2: Select the balance you want the Auto Top Up to activate on and the Auto Top Up amount, then click 'Activate'. It's that simple!

PrepayPower Auto Top Up

Classic Pay

Find out how to add codes to meter






Smart Pay

Codes Automatically added to meter









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