ESB Networks Meter Read Submission

You can submit your read right here.

Why do I need to submit a meter read? 

Your ESB Networks (ESBN) and PrepayPower meters each record the units of electricity consumed on your property. We generally ask for an ESBN meter read to resolve one of two issues: 

  • We haven’t received an actual read from ESBN for an extended period. 

  • Your last read shows your ESBN meter is recording more consumption than your PrepayPower meter.

How to submit an ESBN meter read 

  • Confirm your meter type and learn how to read it on the ESBN Website

  • Enter your meter read (and type) and complete the submission form

  • Press Submit and check our confirmation SMS. 

  • We’ll then let you know if your meter read has been accepted or if further action is required. 

Submit Your ESBN Meter Read


What happens if I don’t submit my meter reading? 

Failure to submit your meter reading could result in you receiving an invoice for extra units recorded by your ESBN meter. Any outstanding amount will be placed as a debt on your PrepayPower meter and recouped as a percentage of future top-ups until fully repaid. See our Terms & Conditions


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